5 times stars humiliated great goalkeepers

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5 times stars humiliated great goalkeepers

Postby Son sovan » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:04 pm

Even the best goalkeepers get humiliated sometimes and here are five SBOBET instances where the best were made to look silly by superstars.
The life of a goalkeeper is never an easy one at any level of football. No position has quite so much scrutiny hanging over it, after all. If a striker goes two or three games without scoring, nobody really asks many questions, likewise if a midfielder’s rate of tackles or assists slips. But as a keeper, make an error and it can be a fatal one for your team. The pressure is huge.

It’s a wonder any goalkeepers manage to cultivate a reputation of being world-class, then, given the fact that practically all of them make mistakes every now and then. Of course, the best of the best simply don’t make mistakes at the same kind of rate as the lesser goalies.
One thing is for certain, though – however great a goalkeeper is, a great outfielder always has the ability to humiliate them with one slick shot or move. Even the very best have fallen victim to acts like this at times. Here are five times that great goalkeepers were humiliated by great players.

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#1 Schmeichel doesn’t like chips
Giant Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel is recognised by most football fans – as well as his fellow professionals – as probably the greatest goalkeeper in the Premier League era and perhaps one of the best of all time, too. He won five Premier League titles, three FA Cups and the Champions League with Manchester United and at his peak, fans used to remark that he was worth an extra twelve points a season.

Best known for his ability to somehow appear far larger than he actually was when charging down an attacker, as well as his incredible throwing ability, Schmeichel wasn’t exactly a goalkeeper who got used to being humiliated. It did happen to him though, twice in high-profile matches, and the fact that both incidents were so similar just made it even funnier.

In the 1996 European Championships, Schmeichel’s Denmark side found themselves in trouble in their second group game against Croatia. Essentially needing a win to qualify, the Danes were instead 2-0 down going into the final minutes of the game.

Schmeichel himself decided to head up the pitch to attempt to help the attack and suddenly found himself needing to sprint back towards the goal as Croatia broke away. The ball fell to their star striker Davor Suker, and as Schmeichel attempted to make himself look as big as possible, Suker simply chipped the ball up and over the Great Dane into the empty net. SBOBET

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